How Do I Log Into My Zoho Account?

Zoho is a well renowned email service that provides various features such as calendar ,notes , tasks and book marks to its users, currently around 15 million users are on zoho all across the world as it satisfies the emailing needs of both individual or an organisation.


Steps to login into your zoho account:-


1)   Open your preferred web browser and make sure that you have a stable and proper internet connection.

2)   Search on google “login zoho one”.

3)   A list of similar websites will appear on your screen, click on the link of website that says “login zoho social login”.

4)   Wait for the zoho login page to load, then enter the email or your mobile number that is attached to your account in the ‘email address or mobile number’ text field.

5)   Click on the next button .

6)   Now the next page will ask for your zoho password, so enter your password in the password field.

7)   Click on sign in.


You can even sign in using your google , outlook or LinkedIn account on zoho, to do so follow the steps given below:-


1)   Visit the zoho login page.

2)   Below the sign in option you will see 3 icons of google , outlook, LinkedIn. Click on any of the options you wish to login on zoho.

3)   For example, if you click on google option then you will be redirected to a new login page.

4)   Now enter the credentials of your google account and click on login.

5)   Now you will see a permission dialog box, click on okay.

6)   So, for now you will get the permission to access the zoho homepage using your google account.



So, I hope you have a better understanding of how-to login into zoho . If still any query arises then try to contact their customer service.


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