How Do I Setup Sbc Global Mail In Outlook?

Managing your emails on a third-party client can be quite easy. It can save you a lot of time and energy in case you use multiple emails to manage your work.

Read this blog till the end to know how to set up SBC global email on Outlook.

Steps to set up SBC global email on MS Outlook

  1. From the Outlook app, click on the File tab, and from there, click on the "add account" option.

  1. Now choose the manual setup or additional server types option and then click on next.

  1. You can choose from IMAP or POP and then click on next to proceed. 

  1. In the next field, you will need to click and choose the POP 3 option from under the account type tab.

  1. You will now need to fill in the incoming server and outgoing server details correctly and tick yes for all the checkboxes that are required for the proper working of the email.

  1. Once you enter the details correctly, you can click next and then click on finish to complete the set up of SBC Global email on Outlook.

For any further info, you may contact the official help center of SBC global email. If you want to setup SBCGlobal on iPhone, then you can visit ExpertsBadge.